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Phillip Boykin is the find of this show. It is rare to hear a real, rich bass voice such as his. It is matched with a comedic style that is charming and childlike. He does a nice job in “You’re The Boss,” but his voice can be heard as the foundation of the great vocal harmonies throughout the show such as in audience favorites “Spanish Harlem,” “On Broadway” and “Stand by Me.” –Southern Florida By Lareviera   ‘Smokey Joe’ is rock ‘n’ roll, Broadway style

By:Bill DeYoung – (Contact)Thursday, January 24, 2008 “With his big bass voice, Phillip Boykin is the focal point of every scene he’s in.”

Carol Saunders: ‘Smokey Joe’s’ cast having a wonderful time – Phillip Boykin,“with an amazing bass voice that could crumble concrete when doing “You’re The Boss” (with Jaygee) and “Little Egypt.” “

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